wahhh..dah lamanya tak jenguk blog sendiri…hehehe..

2 hari takde internet ketar2..haaha..selalunye kalau balik kampung akak ipar aku ade jek..kali ni dier pergi KL la plak, melawat husband dier kat sane…so kat kampung takde internet..huu..so bercuti la aku sekejap dari dunia internet ni… 😀

tadi baru jek singgah jap kat booth celcom dok tanye pasal celcom daily broadband tu..cam menarik gak..tapi for now relax2 dlu la…tapi nnt nak gak la beli..untuk balik kampung punye..ok gak..per day just bayar RM6 untuk unlimited access..tapi for starter untuk beli modem dier bagai tu RM199 gak la orang tu kata…



celcom broadband prepaid

credit: buysell.mypdacafe.com


Celcom Broadband Prepaid™

Priced at RM25, the Celcom Broadband Prepaid™ starter pack comes with RM20 credit. No registration is required and the pack is instantly activated upon use. However, voice/video calls and SMS features are not supported in the pack.

In line with the introduction of this new service, Celcom will also be launching a new Weekly Unlimited package at only RM20 a week, in which customers can enjoy unlimited Internet access  for seven consecutive days. This is on top of the existing Daily Unlimited package, priced at RM6 for 24 consecutive hours of broadband access. This means that now both prepaid broadband and postpaid subscribers will be able to choose from the Daily or Weekly package to suit their needs.

With Celcom Broadband Prepaid™, customers can access the Internet based on the following options:

  • Directly from a mobile phone that supports 3GX (HSDPA) or 3G
  • Using a notebook/PC + mobile phone as modem
  • Using a notebook/PC + personal computer manufacturer interface adaptor (PCMCIA/PCI) datacard as modem
  • Using a notebook/PC + USB modem

“Celcom Broadband Prepaid™ allows customers to enjoy pure data packages with full mobility, extensive nationwide coverage and high speed connectivity at affordable rates. It is ideal for dial-up and new Internet users who want affordable non-committal broadband service. It also caters to college / university students as well as foreigners traveling to Malaysia who need instant Internet access without the hassle of going to selected branches or dealers to subscribe to the service,” said Chee Pok Jin.

credit: www.celcom.com.my

p.s: bile la nak balik kajang pulak..huu….

written by beba