I’ve joined Github

Yeah. Just registered an account for myself at Github. For what? I’m not sure. Hahaha. But it does look interesting. Hopefully I can contribute something there. 😀

There’s nothing in it right now, but here is the link to my Github profile: https://github.com/habibahismail


I’m now learning a little python programming (very basic) and working on to build some dummy Visual Novel game using Renpy (just some random boring story, only to make it fun for me learning the language and which I’m not so sure when it will be finished OR if it will ever be finished. Hahaha). In this game I would love to include some kind of day-to-day transition and some calendar system that can be use to track the date/day and also a mobile messenger system. I did write about this (not in much details) before in my post: Percubaan Mak Beba Buat Game. Erk..

So far I’m done with the former and still working on the later.

The short version of the story is, I found a forum sharing a lot about Renpy’s coding and also lots of them shared their codes from just about anything. So I found this really good code for the days transition and calendar. All the hard work had been done. But for the previous version of Renpy. He did start to make it works on the latest version of Renpy but stopped halfway. So I just picked it up and finished what is not and also add a little bit more function to it.  I guess I will share this code later in my github (after I know how to use it) 😀

As for the messenger system I could not find exactly what I wanted, but I did found an email messaging system. So right now, based on that I’ve started to tweaks the codes or whatever you called it and add some, to make it work as I intended. I do hope somehow I can finish this one too. Or it might take a while if it is much more complex than I’ve anticipate.

So, that is all. I hope there will be more updates on this topic soon..:)