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Nuffnang tak kasi campaign ke bulan Oktober ni??

tadi aku baru cash out earnings from Nuffnang…alhamdulillah..ada la rezeki aku and nuffnang ni.. 😀 lama gak nak kumpul ni..hehe..

pendapatan nuffnang

before cash out earning Nuffnang..

kebanyakkan earnings ni aku dapat from blog hantarankahwin. Blog beba-anas ni bule2 gak laa.. 😀

tapi pas cash out gini plak jadiknye…

takde campaign nuffnang

takde pape dah tinggal...

langsung satu campaign pon takde ni…bulan october orang tak iklankan business ke?? huu..harap2 nnt2 ade la tu…

p.s: bile la dak p nak balik niiii….

Nuffnang Buffered Earning menunjukkan wajahnya…

Hari tu sesaje jek dok check2 nuffnang, tengok2 ade Buffered Earnings untuk blog Habibah&Anas ni..hehe..alhamdulillah..boleh la tambah lagi pendapatan Nuffnang ni sket lagi..lepas la makan nasik bungkus sehari..hehehe..

Nuffnang Buffered Earnings


En. Nuffnang bagi warning?

Aku dapat e-mail ni semalam…before this perasan gak ada org yg join2 group klik2 Nuffnang ni..tapi tak pernah terlintas plak nak join..hehe..so kepada sesape yg still dengan group klik2 Nuffnang ni silakan korang berenti sebab En. Nuffnang dah bagi warning!


Dear Nuffnangers,

As you might already know, there are 2 different types of campaigns from Nuffnang: Metered (mCPM) Campaigns , which pay according to the number of visitors who see the ads; and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) campaigns, which pay bloggers based on the number of clicks generated on the ads.

It has come to our attention that certain groups have been committing click fraud, which is defined as clicking on CPC advertisements intentionally just to generate earnings for a blog’s owner. Do note that this act is an abuse of our Terms & Conditions under Section 6.

Banner ads are only supposed to be clicked on if the viewer is interested to find out more about the advertising campaign, and not for the intention of earning extra money. Should this situation worsen, the frequency of ad campaigns might be significantly reduced as we’ll only be able to sell ad spaces on blogs with no click fraud record.

Our system is capable of tracking these illegal actions which are documented and if necessary, be used as evidence for any legal purposes. In the past, Nuffnang has suspended and banned various individuals and groups for committing this offence. However, as the number of bloggers who commit this selfish act has been growing in an alarming rate within our community, we’re forced to be more vigilant and will take necessary action to ensure our other members of the community who do not engage in such act to suffer in the long run.

If you are aware of any of your friends or anyone who have been engaging in such acts, we would appreciate it if you could kindly advise them to refrain from doing so, as bloggers who are caught engaging in click fraud activities will be punished severely, either by suspension or termination.

Thank you for your attention.

Blogger Relations Department
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

Nuffnang Buffered Earning..


Nuffnang buffered earning

Hari tu aku cam tengok kat nuffnang’s earning tup2 tengok rupa2nya blog Habibah & Anas ni dah ade dapat buffered earnings (satu dah ended and ada kat metered earnings)..tapi..walaupon ade..hasilnye sgtlah seciput yg cam tak berapa contribute pon..huuu..maybe sbb traffic still sgt rendah lagi..harap2 tak lama lagi dapat la naik sket traffic ke blog aku yg tak seberapa ni..hehe..actually best sebenarnya bile kita tau apa yang kita tulis ni ada orang bace, and of course la..lagi ramai lagi bagus..  😀

tapi with nuffnang ni traffic memang memainkan peranan yang paling penting and part nak tarik traffic ni la bab yang aku paling lemah sekali..hehee..aku and nuffnang ni pon baru lagi, tak sampai pon setahun..ye la..walaupon usia blog aku ni dah 3 tahun tapi baru tahun lepas aku start nak beramah mesra dengan blogger2 lain and mengenal bagaimana nak menjana duit melalui blog ni. Sebelum tu boleh dikatakan blog aku ni more to private blog or diary yang aku share with friends and families.

Tapi sepanjang aku dah kenal dengan cara buat duit from blogging ni dapat gak la cover duit domain and hosting aku ni..hehee..

baru2 ni aku dah dapat pay out from Heartbeat.my (lama gak aku tunggu dekat sebulan dua gak..diorang bank-in cheque to my maybank account). Last time aku check pon dah bule la nak cash out, tapi tunggu bagi banyak sket lagi..

Heartbeat.my cash out

kat bawah ni plak overview earnings aku kat Heartbeat.my 😀 not bad eh..

Heartbeat.my earnings Overview

ok la kan pocket money..sape nak bagi kita duit saje2 ye tak? Kalau pada sesape yang tak tau ape yg diorang buat korang boleh refer kat entry aku:

So kalau korang berminat untuk passive money ni selain dari Nuffnang boleh la try join Heartbeat.my ni. 😀

p.s: bulan lepas ada dapat my 2nd cheque from Nuffnang, tapi blom bank-in pon lagi..nnt sat2 esok lusa ka  kasi tepek la kat sini..hehee..